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SUNY Brockport
Rochester Institute of Technology
SUNY Binghamton
SUNY Morrsiville

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RJUG University Java Links

Graduate Java Programming class.
Speak German? Click Here
Or here if you prefer English.
Interactive and Collaborative Visualization and Analysis of Numerical Data using Java 3D
SUNY Brockport CS Department
Classic Sorting Alrogithms,Othello, Mastermind, Java course curriculum
R.I.T. Distributed Systems course Web site
Design of concurrent and distributed software page. Contains, among other things, several multiple-thread Java applets with source code.
Turing machine simulator.
Java applet for the BlackBox game
Click here for the source code.
Binghamton Java Class
A Java based Internet Programming Course (elective for senior level undergraduates)
Binghamton Java Class
Intro to Java (2 credit hour) seminar
PDA simulator

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RJUG Business / Educational

IBM's Java Educational Resource
IBM's Ultimate Resource for Java Developers

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