Java-Related Web Site Links
Java OS
The Java OS project
    JAVA-based alternative to DOS/Windows.
    Currently in development.
    Also, read a story at Wired on JOS.
Java Lobby
Lots of Java-related news
Java Central
IBM's Java site
Swing Site
Javasoft's SWING class info
IBM's JUG Community
Learn about other Java User Groups
Math Applet Links
Educational math-related applets
Jump To Java
Javasoft Home Page
Rouge Wave
Rouge Wave Software
Symantec - Visual Café
"Java Central" links
The Coriolis Group
Javaworld E-zine
Java Boutique
The Java Boutique
MindQ - general learning
    Get and post java applets.
    Lots of Java info.
Blue Lobster Software
Java-to-mainframe connectivity

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